Dr.Georg Mitrohin

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My sculptures and paintings  are the materialization in an artistic manner of my thoughts and my feelings; later on followed the interpretation  in  the  form  of a philosophic concept. It is suitable and right to begin with the reproduction of my wood  sculpture  that  artistically represents the Philosophy of the Figurative Time.  At  present,  this  sculpture  is  the  most  recent  of  all  I  have  achieved. Through the relationship between its shapes and its volumes, this sculpture carries out the representation of the Philosophy of the Figurative Time, if I dare call this latest one a philosophy.

The  Philosophy  of the Figurative Time assumes that everything in this world and the world itself is born and comes into being from the Asymmetry, the Symmetry, the Full and the Emptiness, the void. Thus, the world lets itself elucidated, due to the fact that our explanatory logic operates based on the same reasons: the Asymmetry,  the  Symmetry, the Full and the Emptiness. This guides us to the knowledge process. To the aforementioned  four  notions are also directly connected the Discontinuity and the Continuity, which are, as well, thoroughly reflected by my works.

The sculpture " Figurative Time Philosophy"  begins  from  up  downwards  with  the  shape  of  the  dis- continuity, then the negation of the discontinuity  takes place through asymmetry, the both being doubly represented in their hypostasis of full and  emptiness:  twice  the  asymmetric  emptiness,  twice  the  sym- metric full, twice the symmetric emptiness  and  twice  the  asymmetric  full,  the  total  sum  is  the  number 8 (eight), which represents the love (affection) as a cosmologic process; it happens the  same,  like  living and feelings, during our own love and affectionís rhythm. This complex of  shapes  includes the number 8 and is called Love. Our Love is a representation and a reiteration in short and accelerated form of the cos- mologic Love. This one describes the rhythm of transformation  of  the  feelings  in  the  love  relationship between man and woman, but also an approach  of  good  will  towards  the  fellow  creatures, towards the other beings, towards Nature and Universe.

Today  in  the  morning,  it is Sunday December the 5-th 1999, I was reading the book of Clifford Pickover, "The  Mathematics  and  God".  I astonishingly  found  out that even Pythagoras assigned to the love the number 8. There is no connection between  the  reasons,  which determined Pythagoras, and those, which persuaded myself to express the  love  through  the  number  8;  the  reasons  are  indeed  rather  different. However, the  similarity of the statements astonished me. This book will unveil the understanding and the profoundness of importance I give to the complex of eight.

The  negation  of  the  discontinuity  begins  through  a   fluctuation,   brought   about  by  an  asymmetric emptiness,  then  the  whole  rhythm  is  played;  like  this,  the entire discontinuity is fully negated. In this moment  begins  also  the continuity itís development, as the negation of the negation. If this statement is applied to the cosmologic  theory  of  the  Big  Bang,  therefore  this  moment  represents exactly the three seconds, which followed the Big Bang. The continuity has its roots in the asymmetric  full  and originates in the symmetric full, the mother of all existing,  including  the  Gravity.  The  cosmologic theory of the Big Bang distinguishes itself through a  unique parameter: the Expansion, the Dilatation of the Universe. This parameter induces the attribute of continuity to the actual development stage of the Universe and reveals itself to us as time. The Expansion  will  probably  stop  in  a  certain  moment in the future and will reverse itself into Implosion. Thus, we will have a whole accomplished cycle of the  continuity,  which  is  also  re- presented by my sculpture in its lower part.

Till  here,  all  my  statements  have  rather an artistic worth. Anybody can advocate the same about his or her own statements,  namely  that  they do have an artistic value. But, in order to build a solid philosophy by joining together  these  artistic  representations  of  models  and  statements,  there  is still need for the demonstration and the acknowledgement.

The  mission  of  the  demonstration  is to show that this new philosophic concept is more comprehensive and ample and renders a  better  service  to our knowledge like any other one, at least at present time. The formulation in this relative manner is really necessary, because our knowledge and our information, which are  guiding  us  to  the knowledge  process,  are  growing  and  widening  along  the  human  history,  this leading to a transforming and  evolutionary  process  of  the  knowledge itself. It is likely that this process will never end.  Nowadays,  it  seems  that  the  knowledge  evolutionary process is becoming accelerated. Through the  acceleration  process  of  the  evolution  of  knowledge,  it  seems  also  that  the  knowledge process is taking multiple development ways, so the attribute "coherent knitted together"  can  be seldom found and, moreover, when such is required to a philosophic concept, it will be at least  controversial and litigious.

The  philosophy of the Figurative Time  assumes as goal, by using its fundamental notions and ideas: the symmetry  and  the  asymmetry,  the  full  and the emptiness, along with  discontinuity  and  continuity, to render  more  clear  and  more  intuitive  the  understanding  of  the  Cosmology, in the dialectic process of continuous  transformation  and evolution of its study object, which is the Universe. The book intends to unveil in itís contents that  this  process,  the  Cosmic  metamorphose,  is  reiterating itself shortly, briefly, rapidly and incompletely inside all the  processes,  including  the  human  thinking,  into  which the Chaos and  the  Order  are  exercising  an  ascendancy each one upon the other, like in a feed-back  rhythm in the dimension of time.

From  the  point  of view of the usefulness of the philosophy of the Figurative Time, one can back up that this philosophy do  have  an artistic  worth  and  also  a  philosophic  value,  our  opinion  is that a double recognition is likely to raise itís value to a higher level.