Dr.Georg Mitrohin

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A transcendental artistic study what the Man is and what the Man should be


The philosophy of the figurative time Prologue to the contents

The art of the figurative time

1.          The manifesto of the art of the figurative time

2.          The art of the figurative time and other "isms"
2.1        The figurative art
2.1.1     The Realism
2.1.2     The Impressionism
2.1.3     The Surrealism
2.1.4     The Expressionism
2.1.5     The Cubism
2.2        The non figurative art
2.2.1     The Abstractionism
2.3        The time figurative art
2.3.1     The psychical image
2.3.2     The new "ism" is called "time figurative-ism"
2.3.3     The characterization of the time figurative art – the world representation column

3.          The Reality: phenomena, processes, wanderings
3.1        Another meditations about the art of the figurative time
3.1.1     More about the art of the figurative time
3.1.2     The Dynamic Abstractionism - the art of the figurative time
3.1.3     The transcendentalization
3.1.4     The artistic physiology

4.          Art, Science and Religion
4.1        Reflections to the art exhibition at Nice

5.          Other authors about G. Mitrohin
5.1        The Art and medicine Prof. Dr. Schielke in München
5.2        Opening speech at the varnishing day of the exhibition in Art House , Freiburg, Germany,
             by Angela Vogler, art historian
5.2.1     "The woman’s fate"
5.2.2     "The Pope"
5.2.3     "The ear of Prof. Nogiers"

II.          The artist and his problems

1.          Portrait of an artist and his workshop
1.1        The workshop
1.2        Recollections

2.          The principle of the lie

3.          Individuality, universality, acknowledgement

4.          Rationality and irrationality
4.1        The statistics

III.        Comments and explanations about the own works

1.          The configuration of love

2.          Remembrances of the period with professor Wiemers
2.1        Studies about "The Transcendental Anaesthesia"

3.          The man’s life
3.1        The descriptive psychology
3.1.1     The sleep stage
3.1.2     The stage half-awake, half-asleep
3.1.3     The half – awake stage

4.          The cry

5.          The harmonic Universe
5.1        The mathematics in the words and logic of the figurative time

6.          One with the other or the two faces

7.          The feed-back rhythm

8.          The Greek goddess

9.          Lady Moon

10.        The metamorphosis of Napoleon

11.        The metamorphosis of Lenin

12.        The self-regulated Universe

13.        The Genesis

14.        The Music regarded as symmetry/asymmetry in the quantum world of thoughts

15.        The space and the money

16.        Portrait of Pope
16.1      The first letter
16.2      The first answer
16.3      The second letter
16.4      The second answer
16.5      The third letter
16.5.1   The science of the equivalents
16.5.2   Fides et Ratio, belief and reason
16.6      The third answer
16.7      The fourth letter
16.8      The fourth answer

17.        The fundamental law of information

18.        Epilogue