Dr.Georg Mitrohin

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A transcendental artistic study what the Man is and what the Man should be

To be: an order system

We  are  trying  to  formulate  a  new  definition  and  a  new  consideration  of being, the existence, among others as a philosophical foundation and approach for the world of computers and Internet.

The interpretation and the definition of the existence were and still are a direction of constant effort of the philosophical  thinking.  A  sober  grammatical  consideration  shows  the  existence  as  a  code  with   the function of  an  auxiliary   verb.  From  a  semantic  perspective,  totally  opposed  to  the  first  simple con- sideration,  the  existence  ("to be")  means  the  whole thing, the entirety. This consideration of the whole thing leads to the impossibility of an interpretation  and of defining. It is impossible to draw a comparison for the whole thing, because all, everything, is only  a  part of the whole thing. Consequently, a tautology always arises. The  consideration  of  the  existence as a part of the whole thing is practical and advisable, through  the  consequences  of  the  possible  and potential interpretations and definitions. The following interpretation,  which  in the same time as definition  presents itself,  appeared  to  me  as  being  the  most appropriate for the actual state of the human knowledge and cognition:

To be: an order system.

In  view  of  this  definition,  the existence means only a part of the whole thing: the Order. What becomes ordered  means  the  other  part  of   the  whole  thing.   These  two  parts  of   the  whole  thing   segregate themselves  only  in  the  extreme  conditions  of  the  Black  Hole,  which  owns  only  mass,  impulse  and electrical  charge,  a system  but  not order – not to be. From the non-existence emerges through order the being, the existence,  to  be.  The  appearance and the development of the existence, the being, begin with the two parts, a  system  and  an  order.  That  makes  possible the symmetry (identity) and the asymmetry (diversity). That enables the existence of not  only  one entity, but several instead, where an order system can  exist.  The  properties  and  qualities  of  the entities determine and decide the  quality  of  the  further superimposed order. The superimposed order receives a  new  quality  with  the  creation and the being of the Internet. This is  build  upon  the  qualities  of  each  individual computer, which in this coherence and connection can be considered as entity.

The  development of  the  being,  the  existence,  in the virtual world outside the virtual world of ideas has already   begun.  The  quality  of   the  next   steps   and  a  higher  stage  of  the  development  are   for  us unthinkable. The way of consideration used by the philosophy of  the  figurative  time  opens  a  practical possibility of  interpretation,  understanding,  meaningful  application and prognosis of the existence, due to the possibility of considering in the same time the beginning and the end.